Fuel Surcharge – Current Costs & Info

Why we have fuel surcharge and the current cost implications.
In the past & current economic climate we are witnessing volatile changes to fuel prices. To protect our customers from constant fluctuations in their transport rates, Back in June 2009 we started adjusting our fuel surcharge every month based on the average of the previous month’s costs. The majority of rate schedules are set on a base price pence per litre + VAT. When the fuel price passes the base price a fuel surcharge kicks in.

Direct cost implications
For anyone who distributes goods on a daily basis, fuel prices have direct cost implications on the transport movement. Fuel now represents up to 9% of Sheldon Clayton Logistics turnover (2017/2018) – we use over 1 million litres per year.

Should SCL absorb the cost?
You may think that Sheldon Clayton Logistics, as a company, should absorb all these increased costs. This however would mean we would have to reduce the amount we spend on being able to offer the high level of service that our customers have come to expect from us.

The reality
 We have reviewed procedures, applied innovative systems and we strongly believe that we are a lean, efficient business.  What we can do is ensure customers understand the implications for future haulage costs, so that they can budget realistic figures. We have tried to keep fuel surcharge to a minimum across the years see below for current and previous fuel charges applied by Sheldon Clayton :

01 January 2020106.78
01 February 2020102.35
01 March 2020102.35
01 April 202087.74
01 May 202082.02
01 June 202085.34
01 July 202090.68
01 August 202091.62
01 September 202089.85
01 October 202088.04
01 November 202088.1
01 December 202091.25
01 January 202193.75
01 February 202194.62
01 March 202198.98
01 April 202198.07
01 May 202199.22
01 June 2021101.69
01 July 2021104.55
01 August 2021104.94
01 September 2021104.82
01 October 2021109.56
01 November 2021118.25
01 December 2021116.39
01 January 2022112.46