We are talking Brexit

We have spoken about Brexit a little over the last couple of months, and with so much uncertainty surrounding the current Brexit situation, we do know that the rules for importing and exporting to and from the UK could change.

In the event of a no deal Brexit, proceeding with bookings will mean that we will need the following information to arrange customs formalities:

 Full collection and full delivery details including address, date / time
 Full details of shipper = exporter including EORI No.
 Full details of consignee = importer including EORI No.
 Full cargo description (detailed) gross, net weight, quantity
 Commodity code, with clear indication to which code goes with which commodity (if there are multiple)
 Country of origin of goods
 Incoterms
 Copy of packing list
 Copy of commercial invoice
 Certificates health and safety or other relevant documents
 TSP license (Transitional Simplified Procedure)

If you are using your own customs broker, before we will plan your collection we also require the following information:
 Export / Import declaration number
 Name and details of appointed UK direct representative
 Original certificates or other relevant documents

No matter the outcome Sheldon Clayton Logistics are here to help with any questions you may have or any information you may need.