Goodbye Paper, Hello PDA’s

Sheldon Clayton Logistics are taking steps into the 21st century investing heavily into new technology and leaving behind paperwork usually associated with deliveries and paving the way for technological advances in the industry with handheld PDA devices.

The use of PDA handheld console systems is fast becoming a popular choice in the way of proof of deliveries boasting many benefits from this new technology. With business to customer relationships, it is important to keep the customers involved in every step of the delivery, and the new PDA systems are a big step in bridging the information gap between us and our customers. The new system will mean instant information can be provided so a customer will know if the delivery has been made, where it has been made too and who signed for the goods.

With customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business goals building trust is a step Sheldon Clayton Logistics are conscious in making. This has come as a part of major change throughout the group and hopefully a step in bringing in more technological advances to provide an efficient service to our customers. Director Scott Campbell said about the investment, “reducing carbon footprint is a factor in this decision but our main focus is to bring the best possible service to all of our customers. Handheld PDA devices are a big thing within this industry that will help give instant information across the board”.

The handheld devices are going to be implemented within Sheldon Clayton Logistics this spring meaning that paper POD’s will soon be a thing of the past ‘it’s a step we have been looking to take for some time and hope it will be a step in the right direction to improving all of our services and continue to be someone our customers can rely on.’ Campbell states.

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