Did someone say Brexit?

We know keeping up with Brexit can be tricky, but we want to try and keep you in the loop as much as we can. Documentation will be changing and we thought we would let you know what we will need.

With regards to possible documentation changes, It is highly likely that some form of documentation checks will be required for goods that are travelling through, to or from the Eurozone post Brexit. Possible information that may be required:
• A detailed description of the goods along with the number of pieces being shipped, value and weight of each item.
• Your EORI and VAT numbers
• The customs tariff number for the goods which are both being imported and exported
• A detailed description of the individual items shipped against each tariff number

We suggest getting into this practice sooner rather than later to avoid any unnecessary issues. Where importers have their own deferment number we also recommend that you review the level of cover that you currently have.
If you do want any more information or any help on all things Brexit we have an expert team here at Sheldon Clayton Logistics, who are willing to talk you through anything you need to know. And provide any help you may need commercial@sheldoncalytongroup.co.uk or call 0121 520 7070 (option 5)