The service industry have a very important role to play not only to provide the continued service but to protect our drivers and staff who have no choice but to deal directly with a wide range of people across the country.

We are putting measures in place to cope with the potential reduced staff situation and trying to limit physical contact as much as possible. Please check back here for all our latest updates

We will be suspending the use physical POD’s as of Friday 20/03. We will only offer electronic signatures or in the event of no PDA we will have a delivery manifest signed.
In the event of delivery points refusing to sign for goods we will contact sender and seek advice before leaving.

All signatures will still be available online to view.

With a number of EU traders introducing their own plans to mitigate risk against Covid-19, we strongly recommend you seeks information in advance of booking with us, to help avoid unnecessary costs being incurred that regrettably, will be for your account. If at the time we present goods to the consignee and they are closed and/or unable to accept the products we have shipped on your behalf, it is likely the shipment will need to be returned to your premises in the UK, incurring additional transport costs for the return/import. Should you be subject to a temporary lockdown by UK Government, whilst your shipments are in transit from EU suppliers, we can hold these shipment(s) and arrange a consolidated delivery once the situation has been cleared.

Please rest assured that here at Sheldon Clayton it is business as usual with a very robust business continuity plan in place but at the same time being mindful of the ongoing situation whilst acting upon information available at the time.